We are a local Singapore SME Company which has been in the spares and servicing industry for many years starting since 1964.

Our founders were in this business since 1947.
Our Vision of Philosophy is “Customer Satisfaction with excellent service and quality”

This Can Be Seen From Our Long History And Close Customer Relationships Which Has Endured Over The Years Which We Very Much Value Close To.

In 2020, Our Product Range Increased with the Distribution of DEN-JET , Fussen Water Blasters and ALLCLEAN Hand Sanitizers / Chemicals Products.

We Have Come Along Way Since The 1940S, From The Supply Of Spares Parts For Truck Engines To Being The Sole Distributor For DEUTZ and MWM Diesel Engines.

DEUTZ Diesel Engines Spare Parts:

Being The Sole Authorized DEUTZ Distributor in Singapore, we Cater to the requirements Of Our Customers From Start Of The Project Till The Delivery DEUTZ Diesel Engines And Subsequently Aftersales Support. Our Service Engineers Are Trained And Able To Handle The Full Range Of DEUTZ Diesel Engines From Troubleshooting To Full Overhauls.

We also have the DEUTZ Range of Power Generators (Gensets) under the brand DPS (DEUTZ Power Systems). Our Gensets consist of Generating Sets from 13KVA – 580KVA.

DEN-jET Water Blasters:

Our DEN-JET Water Blasters are used from the mundane Cleaning, Concrete Demolition or Blasting, Drain Clearing, Paint Removal of Equipments, Marine Ship Paint Removal, Metal Cutting and many more.

Our Water Blasters have a range of pressures from 1000 – 30000PSI or 160 Bar to 2000Bar of which consists of low flow high pressure and high flow low pressure machines.

Wondering which DEN-JET is suitable for your application?  We have electric Water Blasters, Diesel Engine Driven Water Blasters, Petrol Engine Driven Water Blasters, Hydraulic Driven Water Blasters and even container mounted Water Blasters.

We also have an after sales service team to attend to our DEN-JET Water Blasters to ensure that your Water Blaster is kept working in tip top condition.

ALLCLEAN Hand Sanitizers/Chemical:

Our ALLCLEAN Hand Sanitizers are produced with care and safety for your skin. Moisturizers are added to prevent drying out of your skin through constant use.

Our ALLCLEAN Hand Sanitizers comes 70% Alcohol and 0.1% Benzalkonium Chloride that kills viruses and bacteria.

Our valued customers include dormitories, medical, construction and retail sectors.

Aura Air Products

We are now the authorized Reseller for Aura Air Products to protect our friends and family.

Aura Air purifiers are the top performing air purifier with 3 purification systems of which 2 are patented and are recognised by NEA.

These filters work to keep the air in the surrounding area free from Viruses and Bacteria which prevents any viruses being transmitted in the air and surfaces. Forget about the spraying your place with sanitizers to sanitize the area. As long as it has air, Virus are unable to survive.

Our systems are used in Hospitals, Hotels, Transportation Operators etc. Lab tests have proven that it removes, 99.97% of Covid Virus in the air. We also have lab tests which shows great reduction in bacteria, dust, VOC, etc.

On top of that, we also deal in the troubleshooting and Overhaul Services for Deutz, Cummins, Vman, and Volvo Penta Engines (manufactured by Deutz).

Repair/ Servicing/ Maintenance

Check out our services for DEUTZ, CUMMINS, Vman, FAW Diesel Engines and DEN-JET Water Blasters.